Select the options within each category that match your interests.

There is no minimum or maximum number of boxes that need to be selected in each category. You do not need to make a selection in each category, select only what is important to you. Fewer selections provide better results.

Geographic Areas

  • Select only the area(s) within Douglas County where you would like to volunteer. If this is not important to you then leave blank, otherwise it could impact your search results.

Areas of Interest

  • Select the areas that you are passionate about to narrow down your search results. Or, leave blank so all interest categories appear in search results.


  • If there are specific organizations you want to volunteer for, then check the box or boxes that apply. Your search results will include only the organizations you select.

Date/Date Range

In the “Search for…” field, select the down arrow option and choose Specific Date or Date Range.

  • If you select Specific Date, a calendar will pop up for you to choose a date. You can arrow forward or backwards to select a date on the desired month.
  • If you select Date Range, enter the beginning date in the first field and the end date in the Date 2 field.

Court Ordered? If you are a court-ordered volunteer…

  • Select Yes
  • Your search results will include opportunities that allow court-ordered volunteers.

Keywords Search

  • The keyword search is pulled from the opportunity description. Enter only “one” word and select the Search Opportunities button.
  • The keyword filter function works best when no other categories are selected.

Volunteer Youth Ages

If you are looking for an opportunity for youth ages 8 to 17

  • Select the ages that apply.
  • Your search results will include opportunities that allow the age(s) selected.

After all your interests have been entered, select the “Search Opportunities” button.

You will be taken to a list of current opportunities for your review. You can resort the list by clicking on one of the column names in the black bar.

Editing your choices or doing a reset

If you would like to do an edit to the boxes you checked click on Edit this Search or you can start over by clicking Reset Search

Search Results List

Select the View information and dates button to the right of the opportunity to learn more about it.

Scroll down through the opportunity information and view the dates/shifts at the very bottom. Select the green Register button if you want to sign up for the opportunity or select the Close button to return to your search results.

After selecting the “Register” button, if you are a new volunteer, select Create a profile. The required fields are marked with an asterisk.

  • Select submit and enter number attending which would be 1 for an individual, or if a group (more than 1) enter total number attending.
  • You may receive a message on the screen about next steps and your registration is complete.

If you already have a profile, login with your email address and password. If you forgot your password, select Forgot Password? in lower left corner of box.

You can access your account, view/edit your profile and registrations by selecting Volunteer Login located in the header section of the website.

Quick links for specific registration instructions: