It’s fun helping people connect with their books, media, and devices!

I’d spent the better part of my twenty years in Douglas County enjoying the rich offerings of its library system, from simply checking out books, to using its study rooms, to attending author readings, when I decided it might be fun to volunteer. A friend had told me about her experience shelving books and I thought I might try my hand at it. Little did I know how much fun it would be to help people of all ages “connect” with their books, their DVDs, their Go-Pro cameras, book kits, and all manner of other devices and media.

I have truly enjoyed this experience of volunteering the amazing MHT team. I have such respect for you all. (And I have never minded one minute of my time in the children’s section, shelving their books and being reminded all the while of our family’s own amazing years reading books by many of the same authors — Jan Brett, Eric Carle, to name a few— with our children.) It’s been fun to see what books our patrons are reading, and discover a few new authors. I’ve also loved helping people find their books in the Holds section. (Sometimes it’s a bit like being a detective, or coach, but always a delight when the patron and I find what they are looking for. Finally, the simple act of touching physical books and DVDs has brought me back to reading “real” books. A lost pleasure now back in my hands!

Most importantly, it’s been great to have an insider’s glimpse at the work of the library staff and all they do to promote learning in so many ways. What a resource to the community! I think all of you should be confident that you’re doing meaningful work.

Volunteer Connect and Jennifer Rawson, helped me find a shelving shift that would work, changed it when needed, and made sure that I was properly trained in the work. I’ve also loved all the ways the library staff work to make volunteers feel as if they are a true part of the team. A highlight was a volunteers appreciation lunch, along with a demonstration by staff of all the things — beyond just books and DVDs — that can be checked out … like a ukulele, or the Go-Pro camera, … the personal hotspot and, do I have this right? A sewing machine. All of this has helped me become a volunteer, and be proud of myself in that role. Thank you!   – Brenda