FAQs for Volunteers

Find answers to frequently asked questions about volunteering and the Volunteer Connect Douglas County online portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an age minimum to volunteer?
  • Why is my password not working and I can’t login?
  • What browser should I be using?
  • How do I cancel my registration?
  • Who do I direct questions to regarding an opportunity/shift I’ve already registered for?
  • I do not see something that I want to volunteer for. What should I do?
  • The organization where I want to volunteer is not listed. Why?
  • Will I receive a reminder email prior to the event I signed up for?

FAQs for Volunteers

Community Service Requirements

  • Does the portal work for court-ordered service? For student hours in need of verification for graduation?
  • As a high school student in Douglas County, how many community service hours must I complete to graduate? What is my timeframe?
  • Why are high school students required to complete community service hours?

Site Security

  • Is the site secure?
  • Why do you need my date of birth?
  • Why do you need a background check?
  • What is the security of the portal? Who sees the information that I enter?
  • Will my information be shared?


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