Guide Dogs for the Blind

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Guide Dogs for the Blind – Highlands Ranch, CO Puppy Raisers, located in Douglas County, Colorado, is a group of puppy raisers for Guide Dogs for the Blind. We volunteer our time to train and socialize guide dog puppies, preparing them to become a guide for someone who is visually impaired.

Puppies are placed in raiser homes when they are about 8 weeks old, and they return to a GDB campus for formal training when they are between 13 and 15 months old. Puppy raisers are responsible for teaching their puppies good manners and basic obedience. Our club meets twice a month to work on specific skills and support raisers through the process. We also meet once a month for a socialization outing. No special training is needed. We provide all training and support at our monthly meetings.

If you aren’t able to commit to raising a puppy full time, or if a year is too much, there are still other ways to get involved. You could “start” a puppy from about 8 weeks until about 5 months, finish a “transfer” puppy, co-raise a puppy with another raiser, or be a puppy sitter. We have a lot of ways you can get involved!

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