Hope & Home

Hope & Home

As a nondenominational Christian charity, Hope & Home trains and actively supports foster families all across the Front Range who feel compelled by Christ’s command to take care of “the least of these.”

Along with the unparalleled training and support they get from Hope & Home, this missional approach is why children do better with Hope & Home families and have more successful placements.

As we’ve long believed at Hope & Home, the difference is making a child feel truly special. To accomplish this, when a child has endured abuse and neglect, it requires concentrated focus on that child’s needs and emotions—and Hope & Home parents excel at that.

It also requires the help of a community to lift up and support the parents and the ministry; Hope & Home counts a strong and committed circle of supporters among our biggest blessings.

We are seeking dedicated volunteers to help with our monthly support groups in Douglas County. These support groups are vital to the success of our foster parents and kids. If you are interested in more information about Hope & Home, please visit our website: www.hopeandhome.org

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