Hide in Plain Sight

Hide in Plain Sight

Started in Douglas County in 2015, Hide In Plain Sight has awarded over 40 post-secondary scholarships to homeless students.

With a matching grant from the State of Colorado in 2016, HIPS partnered with ACC and Emily Griffith Technical College as it expanded its support to students in 8 Denver metro school districts.  With a similar matching grant in 2017, HIPS can now support students who are homeless or live at 250% of the poverty level to attend one of 20 public colleges or trade schools throughout Colorado.

In addition to our primary purpose of scholarships, HIPS helps students with emergency financial assistance and coaching through our Mentoring Program.  Our core values are to be effective, efficient and impactful.

Volunteer opportunities range from events to Advisory Committee, Mentoring Committee and Board of Directors.  To learn more about Hide In Plain Sight, please visit our website at www.hideplainsight.org, or our Facebook page, Hide In Plain Sight, a Douglas County non-profit.

Thank you for your interest!

Joe Roos, Founder/Executive Director, 720-288-3016,  joeroos54@gmail.com