Partner and Organization Testimonials

"Our new volunteers that have registered through this resource are AWESOME! I'm loving this!

Tricia Plattner
Program Administrator
Colorado HorsePower

It’s nice to have a resource like this to reach our community.”

Steph Schroeder
Volunteer Coordinator
Castle Rock Senior Activity Center

“My experience has been very positive with Volunteer Connect DC. Within two weeks I had several inquiries and have recently welcomed a Social Media volunteer and an Appointment Scheduler to my team. I am very pleased that through Volunteer Connect I have been able to fill these needs with two outstanding people!”

Joseph A. Roos
Founder/Executive Director
Hide In Plain Sight-serving "at risk" students

“As a Volunteer Coordinator, makes my life so much easier.  It is a constant source of new volunteers, it serves every recording and tracking function that I need, and it is a flexible tool for posting the varied volunteer opportunities my organization requires.  I don’t know what I would do without it!”

Jennifer Rawson
Douglas County Libraries

“I use Volunteer Connect to recruit short-term and long-term volunteers for our Adaptive Recreation program. We have been able to recruit hundreds of different volunteers for various events, some of which require a large, multi-day commitment, and others which require only a couple of hours. We have reached a large volunteer pool, and have gotten exactly what/who we needed from Volunteer Connect.
Thank You for the hard work you have put into this extremely useful tool.”

R.E.A.L. (Special Needs) Volunteer Coordinator 
Town of Castle Rock

“The website has worked out well. The volunteers like it and I can easily send emails to my registered volunteers.”

Amy Knopp
Land Management Specialist / Ranger
Douglas County, Colorado

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